USB Rechargeable Heated Vest

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This USB Rechargeable Heated Vest is the perfect thing you need to be comfortable in any cold weather environment. It's easy to adjust the temperature to your desired level. it's very lightweight so you can wear it under a coat or light jacket, or wear it as a standalone vest. This will help keep you warm and comfortable for a long time. It can be used as heating pads to help relieve aches, and can also be used indoor as an emergency heater in case of power outages during a winter storm.

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  • Easy to adjust temperature settings with just a push of a button
  • A built-in USB port for any 5V 2A power bank, easy to charge and stay warm
  • Contains heated components on the front, back, and neck area, capable of providing you with long-lasting warmth.

Usage Instructions: 

  • Vest features a built-in USB port to connect the power bank.
  • Power switch - long press the switch for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Red light flashes = automatic heating
  • Red light = manual heating, high temperature
  • White light = medium temperature
  • Blue light = low temperature

Package includes:

  • 1X Rechargeable Heated Vest


  • Always connect it to the power bank when heating.
  • The power bank is not included