Top Selling - Portable Golf Putting Mirror Alignment Training Aid



Putting can be extremely frustrating and more than 40 percent of all golf shots are putts. Our Putting Mirror Alignment will help build your confidence and take the frustration out of putting.  It provides a full view of stroke, including eyes, shoulders and putter face to help you master the mechanics of the putting stroke. You will learn and improve proper ball alignment, club alignment, and setup position while promoting proper swing tempo. This training aid can be taken wherever there’s space to play. Carry it in your backpack or golf bag, and just put it away when you’re done. It’s the perfect putting training aid for expert golfers looking to improve their game, as well as students learning the game.



  • This training aid is used by many tour players and will help improve your putting.
  • Provides a full view of stroke, including eyes, shoulders and putter face.
  • HOLES FOR TEES - Insert Tees at the front for 'gate drill' or towards the back for backswing control.
  • According to the mirror in the location of the ground different, can correct your gestures from different angles.
  • The mirror comes with a layer of protective film, tear the protective film before use. Let you see your posture through practice mirror, easy to correct.
  • Putting training aid tool created to check your putting posture and alignment.
  • Professional golf players use a putting alignment mirror to improve putting skills.
  • Great for golf lovers beginners to help them promote a better stance and stoke.


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Color: White
  • Type: Golf Putting Mirror
  • Size:32x14.5cm/12.5x5.7"
  • Features: Portable,durable,lightweight

Package Includes:

1 x Golf Putting Mirror