NEWLY DESIGNED - Gentle Baby Nasal Aspirator

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Little babies do not have the ability to blow their nose, while a cold or a stuffy nose is always around the corner. Having a stuffy nose makes it extremely uncomfortable and hard for babies to breathe, which makes for an awful feeling as a parent. Looking for an alternative to the NoseFrida? Our Newly Designed Baby Nasal Aspirator is the best. It helps suck out mucus and boogies fast and easy, it's multi-level suction helps to remove even the toughest boogers, which makes it ideal for parents and awesome for babies.

Using a cotton swab is ineffective, using a NoseFrida can lead to cross infection and a Bulb syringe is hard to use, inconsistent and extremely difficult to clean. Our Newly Designed Baby Nasal Aspirator is safe, fast, easy to use, highly hygienic and super easy to clean.

This tool is a must-have for any nursery. It safely and effectively suctions the mucus out of your baby's nose. The device is powerful yet so gentle, your baby will actually ENJOY using it. No more nose-clearing drama! Your little one will be all smiles.



One Button Control Design: can be operated with one hand by pressing the button once for level 1, twice for level 2, three times for level 3 and so on. and press continuously to turn off the nasal aspirator


This is the cleanest NoseFrida alternative. After your baby's nasal passages are sparkling clean, Simply open the detachable mucus cup and the collection cup and rinse with hot soapy water. You'll never worry again about exposing your baby to bacteria or mold. 


Safety is our top priority: our product is made from Friendly and Non-toxic material that is BPA free, Latex-free, Lead-free, Phthalate free. It's ergonomically designed for comfort, plus tested and constructed to the highest quality and safety standards. 100% safe for newborns and toddlers, generates enough suction power to remove mucus and other nasal secretions. No noise or knocking, it's super quiet to keep your little one relax through the nose cleaning process. You do not have to worry or be concerned you will scare or startle your baby.


Fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Portable and USB-rechargeable design help you clean your baby's nose anywhere (home, road, supermarket, etc) and at any time. When fully charged, it offers continuous operation at the highest level for about 40 minutes, which equates to about 2 weeks for 2-3 applications per day.


Equipped with its high-quality pump parts and 5-speed motor, 2 sizes of soft and reusable silicone tips, it provides the perfect suction for every nose size. The pear-shaped tip is specially designed for babies so it does not hurt their delicate sinuses.



  • Material: Silicone with BPA Free
  • Package Size : 12 * 4.5 * 21CM / 4.7" x 1.7" x 8.2"
  • Package Weight : 0.5Kg / 11lbs
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Age: Newborn to 8 years old
  • The motor is not waterproof, do not place the body underwater


  • Question: What size batteries does the product take?
    • Answer: Great question! Fortunately, our product doesn't use batteries. It comes equipped with a USB charging port.
  • Question: Is the aspirator noisy?
    • Answer: No! Our product is very quiet and won't startle your baby.
  • Question: How do you clean the aspirator?
    • Answer: Simply disassemble the aspirator and hold the parts under running water. DO NOT PUT THE MOTOR UNDER RUNNING WATER. Dry, and reassemble. easy!